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Our contribution to your safe operation

TestMA_Flush test

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Simply test - anytime and anywhere

All advantages at a glance

  • Fast, uncomplicated processing
  • Test results within 24 hrs.
  • 100% Reliability
  • Delivery directly to your location
  • High quality PCR gold standard tests
  • Fastest pickup from logistics partner*
  • Absolutely data protection compliant
  • Personal support from our team


* book your pickup days individually and conveniently online

Ensure the safety of your employees

With PCR tests according to the "Gold Standard" method, we have become a well-known and preferred partner of companies throughout Austria. Fast test results within a maximum of 24 hours, uncomplicated processing and strict compliance with data protection regulations - you can rely on this.

TestMA - 6 steps to security in your company


1. Register

1. Register

How the registration works

Your company registers itself and then the test persons in our online portal.
We recommend registering all test persons in advance.
Here you will find ways to create your personnel quickly and conveniently.


2. Order

2. Order

How the order works

After registration, your company orders test kits of 50 or 300 tests each from our online store.
The TestMA test kits must be ordered at least 5 working days before the first planned use of the PCR tests in the company.
In the webshop you can also book the collection. In your user account you can book the desired collection days online.


3. Test

3. Test

This is how the test procedure works

Before testing, test kits are conveniently activated via QR code. Ways to test your employees:

Nominate a test management team.
This can oversee the rinsing process, link the samples to the test subject, and then package the tests.

The test person logs in to the flusher and flushes according to the instructions. These are displayed step by step in the app. After the samples have been screwed down and packed, they are ready for collection.


4. Pick up

4. Pick up

We collect your tests

The samples will be picked up by our logistics partner between 10-15 h and brought directly to our laboratory.

You can set the pick-up days individually.


5. Analysis

5. Analysis

What happens in the laboratory

Simplified described, the rinsing fluid is separated & analyzed in our laboratory with a so-called qPCR device. If there are coronaviruses in your organism, an infection will be detected already from a very low number of coronaviruses (below 50).

Due to the high accuracy, this is possible shortly after infection.


6. Result

6. Result

How to get your result

The result is available within 24 hours after receipt in the laboratory.

ATTENTION: The results will be sent directly to the test person via SMS or e-mail.

Details about your result, such as the Ct value, can be found in your account. Please log in to our portal.

With us, you as a company ensure the safety of your employees

The samples are picked up by our logistics partner directly from the company sites throughout Austria and transported to our large laboratory. Once there, the samples are digitally recorded in our system and the transport packaging is removed. The samples enter distribution and are sorted, scanned and prepared for laboratory analysis. The analytical method used is based on the so-called polymerase chain reaction. PCR analysis is the standard procedure in diagnostics and the "gold standard" among corona tests. After just a few hours, the analysis of a sample is completed and the result is transmitted electronically to the test person.

You want to be tested as a private person?